Everything About the Traditional Craps Game

High Point Craps comes from the traditional version of the game, which is a dice game with a very long history. The game is played with players placing bets on the outcome of the rolled dice and is mostly a game of chance.

The game of craps itself was developed from the early English game called Hazard but has complex true origins dating back as far as the crusades. Craps has since been played at land based casinos where it is referred to as table craps and the game has been played on the streets where the players bet against each other and not a dealer or bank. Street craps has also been referred to as rolling ice or shooting dice. The game and many variants of it, like High Point Craps, has been played online ever since the advent of the internet brought about online casinos.

The High Point Craps Game Variation

High Point Craps is a variation of Craps and is considered to be an exotic version where the basis of the game and its rules are the same but slight differences add variety. The variation is not hard to play and follows simple rules with the most notable difference from the standard game being that neither a 2 nor 3 rolled on the first roll of the dice count and if the come out roll produces an 11 or 12, the bet is won.

High Point Craps can be played at land based casinos and online pokies sites in Australia around the world. It is considered to be an interesting variant and has a considerably higher house edge to the standard Craps game. The game allows bets to be placed against each other or the house and with little to no equipment needed to play the game it is a game that can be played practically anywhere.

The High Point Craps Game Rules

The basic game play of this variant is much the same as the traditional rules but there are a few differences. At first a bet needs to be placed on the Pass Line bet. On the initial roll of the dice, the shooter has an opportunity to roll the dice again if a 2 or 3 are rolled as these are ignored in this version and are not considered a loss. If an 11 or 12 is rolled then an immediate win occurs and even money is paid out on the Pass Line bet. These are the most notable differences between the original version and this variant as typically rolling a 2, 3 or 12 result in a loss of the bet.

If any other number, apart from the previously mentioned ones, is rolled it is considered as the point in the High Point Craps game. Another roll must produce a number higher than the previously rolled point in order to then win the bet. If the same number or one lower than the point number is rolled then the player losses the bet.

A variety of bets are allowed to be placed and even though the game is based on chance, each betting option has a specific set odds to winning.

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