Hot Tips For New Poker Players

Poker is one of the most popular online casino games in the world, with hundreds of thousands of players taking part on a daily basis. Online poker works exactly the same as real world poker, so it’s easy to make the switch into the digital world. Jump in now, and see how intuitive the digital interface is.

But, for those unfamiliar with the rules of poker entirely, online poker can all seem a bit daunting and confusing. Don’t worry though, at its core poker is a relatively simple game that most can quickly pick up in a just a few minutes. Here are a few essential tips to take into consideration when first stepping into the world of online poker.

Bet Wisely

But bluffing is not the same s betting recklessly. Every bet placed should be thought out carefully, and a player should never be at a table where the betting stakes are too high. As a rule of thumb, a player should never be placing down bets that are beyond 6% of the total value of their betting pool.

This means that a player should be able to bet comfortably, without the fear of going broke in a single hand. Winning small pots consistently is always a better approach than trying to win big pots sporadically.

There Are Different Kinds Of Poker

Most are already aware, but it pays to be doubly certain. There is more than one type of online poker. In fact, there are a number of variations. The two main types of poker, and most commonly played, are draw poker, and Texas Hold’Em poker.

Draw Poker

Draw poker comes in the 5 and 7 variety, referring to the number of cards the player will hold. In draw poker the player is dealt cards, 5 or 7, and may hold onto cards, and have the others replaced, in hopes of making the best possible hand. So, for example, a player may be dealt 5 cards and receive two 8s, with the other 3 cards not having value. The player may cast out those 3 useless cards, and hopefully get one that adds to the value of the two 8s.

Texas Hold’Em Poker

In Texas Hold’Em poker the majority of the cards are placed in the centre, referred to as community cards. The player is dealt only two cards, and must make the best hand possible using the community cards and offers as big wins as real money online pokies. Texas Hold’Em poker is a great deal faster paced than draw poker, and since the players are using the same community cards, the game is often a great deal tense.


In both types of the above mentioned variations of poker, bluffing is a big part of the game. Remember that it is betting that drives the game forward, and a player who has a hand of very little value may still bet big. Betting big puts the other players under pressure, and forces them to evaluate their hand very closely, putting doubts in their mind. A player who is good at bluffing need not always draw good hands.


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