Dream Run Online Slots Review & Insights

RTG, the developers of Dream Run, has managed to create a game that is fun to play and releases just enough adrenaline to keep you on the edge of your chair. This online slots game is set against the background of night time city life, and the cars are colourful and roaring.

Dream Run is a 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines and very promising winnings. The cars are not the only fast elements of the game as Dream Run also has a wild racer symbol, which could easily triple your winnings when it comes into play.

Dream Run Interface

The graphics of this game is impressive and the interface is entertaining and fun to navigate. The lay out reminds me of the dashboard of a racing car, fully equipped with fun symbols that will appeal to the petrol head in you. There is anything from colourful numbers and letters to guns and speedometers and nitro boosters and steering wheels. You can keep an eye on your cash out balance and your bet amount is also visible.

Expect The Following Extras

Dream Run offers the standard extras such as wild symbols, free spins and the famous scatters function, and more.

The two unique wild symbols in this game is illustrated by two race drivers, which can take the place of any other symbol in order to create a winning combination. The first racer looks like an adrenaline junky and only appears on the 2nd to the 5th reel, whilst the second wild symbol looks like a high flyer, and also pays out like one too. He only appears on the first reel.

Dream Run offers great scatter winnings. The scatter symbols are portrayed as traffic lights that change colour to either green or red. Green is good!! You will receive scatter payouts for 2 or more green lights in one reel, in no specific order. A whole reel of green lights (5) will award you with winnings of 100 times the total bet amount.

The exciting reveal of Dream Run is that if you land the magic number of 3 green lights in one reel, you will not only receive winnings that can be cashed out, but this also initiates a bonus racing game.

This high graphics, 3D bonus game hands you the keys and allows you to choose from 5 rigged up racing cars to participate in a 3 legged race, of which each leg of the race guarantees up to 25 free spins and maximised winnings of up to 100 times your bet, as well as a possibility of multiplying your free games by 7 times, depending on your car’s ranking at the end of this race.

Nitro Racing Feature

This bonus feature is activated once the player has collected a total of 10 Racer symbols on the first reel. Once again you must choose the car you are confident will secure first place, because if you make it to stage 4 and 5 of the Nitro race, you will come into play to win one of the mini or maxi progressive jackpot prizes. The mini jackpot is a few hundred bucks, but the maxi jackpot is progressive and grows the more people play the game and can reach up to thousands of bucks at https://onlinenzcasino.co.nz/.

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