A Quick Look at Microgaming’s Announcement about Two New Slots

Microgaming Slot Machines

Microgaming announces two new slots for October with the reworking of an existing slot as well as a new slot release.

Since their inception in nineteen ninety four, Microgaming has been a leader in the online casino software development industry. With literally hundreds to games under their belt, Microgaming continues to release additional games at regular intervals to the industry. The types of games that Microgaming releases vary and can include slots from many different themes and layouts. They also release slots that have different amounts of reels, paylines and bonus features.

Red Hot Devil Slot

Microgaming announces two new slots for October and the first of these games is called Red Hot Devil. Red Hot Devil has an underworld theme and a comic book art style. The colours used in this slot are mostly dark colours and this reinforces the theme quite nicely. There are lots of reds, oranges, blacks and deep purples that the player can see are being used throughout the slot.

The background of the slot is a mix of flame like shapes that are bathed in a mix of blacks, purples and reds. It adds to the spooky yet fun ambiance of this title and makes a good backdrop for the bright and vibrant colours used on the reels.

Red Hot Devil Slot Online from Microgaming

To the left and right of the reels, the player can see that there are twenty five paylines on this five reel slot. On the far right of the slot stands the main character. We assume this is the red hot devil for which the slot is named. She is a tall brunette woman with a red suit on and red boots. As the slot spins, she snaps her fingers and various animations are triggered on the reels.

The symbols used in the Red Hot Devil slot, the first slot in Microgaming announces two new slots for October, are a mixed bag that all seem to have one thing in common. That one thing is fire. There is a red snake surrounded by fire, red lips that are on fire, a seven and a full hand of cards that are also on fire, roses that are on fire, a cherry that is on fire, a pitchfork that is on fire, and a scorpion with a fiery tail.

This game also has bonus features. The bonus features include free spins with multipliers, a bonus game called the Wheel of Fire, and also Red Hot Wild Reels.

Playboy Slot

Playboy slot, the second slot in Microgaming announces two new slots for October, is not a new slot but actually a reworking of a previously released slot.

Microgaming has now added a multiplayer element to their Playboy slot. In this new version of the game, players are able to follow other sets of reels as they play as well as chat with the people controlling those slots.

Together, they work as a team towards the VIP access to a free spins feature that is exclusive to the multiplayer version of the game. This is exciting news for players of iPad pokies interested in Microgaming announces two new slots for October.

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