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Roulette is one of those games that are entirely based on luck and chance. While a lot of experienced players will tell you right away that there isn’t a strategy or a system that you could use to minimize the house edge, they will also tell you that a lot of the players really do have some of the strategies they prefer over others. And while this doesn’t mean that you ultimately won’t win a single game, it also means that larger bets to have a larger chance of being won. Some of the patterns can help you have a bigger chance of winning, while others can be outright risky.

You could assume a certain strategy

You might not have heard of it, but there is a specific pattern of crown oaks betting, which is supposed to cover the largest portion of the number and ultimately end up having larger chances of actually winning a bet. By using the strategy, the player would need to place their first bet on the first column, the second one on the third, and use the third portion of the money to cover the back numbers. This is going to cover all the numbers except for the 0 and the red numbers in the middle. If one of the red numbers covered by the bet come up, the player will win the half of their bet, but if one of the numbers which were not covered was elected, the entire wager will be lost.

Try out tournaments to freshen things up

Just like many other casino games, relax tournaments can also be played. Tournaments do require a bit of an altered play style, which will allow you to play aggressively and conservatively, switching between the two styles. The online version of this game allows you to switch up your style any time, so you shouldn’t be surprised notice that some of the players in the tournament will often switch very quickly between being extremely aggressive and extremely conservative when placing their bets. Remember that playing conservatively isn’t going to pay out much, even if you do win in the end. This is why it might be smart to set apart a larger amount of your bankroll to dedicate it to the conservative bets you will be placing. Always place increased bets when playing conservatively, to make sure that your winnings will account for something.

Plan your bets very carefully

You will need to choose exactly how much money you will be able to bet, and you will have a limited amount of time to decide whether or not you would like to play side bets, too. It is well-known that betting on red or black only will earn you less, but might let you win more frequently, because placing a bet on the color is generally much easier than choosing a specific number, or a series. Take a bit of your wager and set it out for a bets on red or black. Then take a really small amount of money and put it on a split bet, too. You should be able to figure out the pattern you are the most comfortable with, be sure to practice it a few times before hitting up a tournament.

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