Getting To Know Plucky Pirates Slot Game

There are plenty of online slot games out there. This is because game developers are constantly bringing out new ones due to the sheer demand for them. The convenient alternative to traditional casino games that they bring has made them incredibly popular over the last few years.

Germany’s Merkur Gaming has plenty of experience when it comes to creating games like this one, which is perhaps why they have such a wide range of themes in their portfolio. These themes are implemented in order to provide a massive audience of players with something to look forward to, regardless of what their interests may be. Plucky Pirates slot game is one such game, and you will find the information you need with regards to it below.

Crafted For Convenience

A lot of the time, players make decisions on whether or not they will play certain games based on how convenient it is to access them. Merkur Gaming is fully aware of this, which is exactly why they craft games like Plucky Pirates slot game specifically for smaller screens. In the world that we live in, not much is done outside the realms of mobile communication. For this very reason, it is imperative for there to be a number of online casino games that are accessible from devices like mobile phones, tablets and smart watches. This gives players the kind of flexibility they want, as they are able to play the games from wherever they may be at absolutely any time of the day.

Themed Symbols

Of course, a large part of accurately conveying the theme of an mobile pokies to players lies in the symbols used. Plucky Pirates slot game is no different, and provides players with symbols that are not only in line with the overall theme, but also make it easy to distinguish exactly what is happening on the reels at any given point. This game’s symbols include the likes of cannons, swords, pirates and treasure chests.

Players need to keep an eye out for feature symbols especially, as these can help them increase their winnings without having to delve too deep into their own pockets. For one, Plucky Pirates slot game’s wild symbol is represented by the parrots. These birds have the power to substitute any other symbols missing from a winning combination. However, it must be said that the only symbol this one cannot stand in for is that of the scatter.

The scatter symbol, on the other hand, is represented by an image of the game’s logo. By landing at least three scatter symbols on the reels, players will be able to activate the free spins feature, which sees players enjoying some extra spins without having to pay for them.

All in all, Plucky Pirates slot game gives players an experience very similar to one that they would expect from a traditional casino. However, this time, instead of having to actually go to a casino, they can simply log on and play to their heart’s content from the comfort of their own home.

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