How did Gambling Come to Pass in NZ

The history of casinos in New Zealand is a very interesting one. All of the gambling in the country is monitored and regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs. Online casino NZ and brick and mortar casino in NZ are both controlled by this department.

Every gambling operation that is public is required to give part of the profits they make in their operation back to the community. This comes in the form of public works projects, none profits and things that will benefit the public as a whole. Most of the gambling operations in New Zealand are actually owned and run by the state. Player expenditure on gambling in the country increased a total of ten times from nineteen eighty five to two thousand and eight to a sum of over two billion New Zealand dollars.

There are several types of gambling that are currently allowed in the country. The first of these is horse racing. The act of bookmaking was made illegal in 1920 in New Zealand, and from that point until the Totalizator Agency board, also simply known as TAB, patrons would have to be at the course in order to bet on a race. In recent times, online casino NZ offers horse racing in the form of live races as well as horse racing arcade games that are available to players.

Gambling in the form of lotteries is also available in the country. The first time they were used in the country was 1977 by the Otago Art Society as a way of raising money. Since then, they have been used by other organisations as a way to raise money. The first lotteries to be established nationally were in nineteen thirty three. These lotteries were called Art Unions and had prizes that were given in actual gold. It was some time before the whole system was overhauled in 1961 and the introduction of the Golden Kiwi Lottery was introduced for online bingo in Australia. In current times, online casino NZ offers players the opportunity to play various lottery games.

Online Casino NZ Games

One of the most prolific forms of gaming in casinos and online casino NZ is through pokies. Pokies, also known as slot machines outside of New Zealand, were first introduced to the country in 1987. Most of the pokies are run on behalf of organisations that participate in charitable work and they are put in various bars and hotels. The maximum amount of money that can be won from these pokies is actually regulated by the government. Pokies at brick and mortar establishments are so popular in fact that they make up over 40% of all gambling expenditures on a year to year basis.

Other games available in online casinos and brick and mortar casinos include a myriad of table top games. Games like online poker, online baccarat and online craps are available to players alongside classics such as blackjack and roulette.

Online Casino NZ Bonuses

Online casinos in New Zealand often offer bonuses to first time and returning players. These types of bonuses include welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, cashback bonuses and many more. These bonuses allow players to often get free money to gamble with, but they also have betting requirements that must be met before the player is able to withdraw their money.

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