Learning the Lotto Ropes To Winning

To better understand how to play lotto NZ and how lotto NZ came about, it’s helpful to know the history of the game and how it was first established. It was in February of 1986 that the New Zealand Cabinet first approved of creating a national lottery for the country. It received roughly a 2/3 majority in the New Zealand Parliament in April of that year and it was about a year later that the Lotto was actually established. The Commission that was then established took control of all existing lotteries in the country at the time including a lottery that went by the name of the Golden Kiwi lotto.

The First Lotto Games

On August 1, 1987, the very first lotto draw in New Zealand was held. The prize for this inaugural lottery was almost three hundred and sixty thousand New Zealand dollars. It wasn’t long before the number of lotteries in the country started to grow. Kiwi instant scratchcards were brought in around nineteen eighty nine and were followed by games such as Lotto Strike in nineteen ninety three, as well as Keno in nineteen ninety four, the well-known Powerball in two thousand and one and then there was Big Wednesday that was introduced in two thousand and five. But it did not stop there. There was also the introduction of the Winning Wheel in two thousand and four which served as a second chance for lotto players. In two thousand and nine the game of Bullseye was brought in followed by Play 3 in two thousand and fourteen. As one can see, how to play online lotto  has evolved quite a bit over the years.

The announcement of winnings used to be via a couple of game shows called Risk and Telebingo.

How to Play Lotto NZ

The main game of Lotto in New Zealand, simply known as Lotto, includes one bonus ball and six regular balls that are taken from a machine that has a total of forty balls in in. In order to win, a player must get all six of the balls that are drawn on the same line. This is very important to know when learning how to play online bingo Canada games. The odds of drawing various matching numbers and the prize that is paid out vary.

The odds of matching six numbers are one in three million, eight hundred and thirty eight thousand, three hundred and eighty and the average prize pays out at one million dollars. The odds of matching five numbers and the bonus ball are one in six hundred thirty nine thousand, seven hundred and thirty and the average prize pays out at twenty thousand dollars. The odds of matching five numbers are one in nineteen thousand, three hundred and eighty six and the average payout is six hundred and thirty five dollars. The odds of matching 4 numbers and the bonus ball are one in seven thousand seven hundred and fifty four and the average payout is sixty dollars. The odds of matching four numbers are one in four hundred and eighty five and pays thirty three dollars. The odds of matching three numbers and a bonus ball are one in three hundred and sixty three and pays twenty four dollars. How to play lotto NZ is, as one can see, quite simple and the payouts can be sizeable.

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