How To Become A Casino High Roller

Being a high roller is naturally a highly sought-after status in gambling. After all, not only are there all the benefits and perks you receive at casinos, but for many, it also symbolises financial success, as well as an attitude and way of life that they aspire to.

However, due to the nature of gambling, and also the nature of human beings, and our great diversity and varied circumstance, not many are able to achieve their dream.

Over the many eras of gambling history though, and especially over the past century, a large body of knowledge has been collected, and added to, when it comes to the subject and art of gambling. Now, this knowledge has also accumulated and been made further accessible via the internet.

Defining A High Roller

First, one should determine what constitutes as a “high roller”. It’s a rather broad term and everyone can have their own definition, and for some, it can even have a negative connotation.

For the purpose of this article, though, it would simply be a person who spends big at casinos, in order to win big at casinos, and also enjoys the benefits of being seen as such by the casinos.

This definition hopefully makes it easier to see, that, perhaps, becoming a high roller is not really that complicated. The trick, however, is staying that way.

Betting Large

Needless to say, it is always best to do this after acquiring a decent knowledge of gambling, and healthy habits in regard to bankroll management, but, one of the quickest ways to get a casino to notice you is by betting large.

Do this enough times, and with enough consistent wins, and you are bound to gain attention. Provided you are winning legally, you will eventually notice a change in the casino staff, perhaps a free drink here and there, or a free game on the house. Soon you might even receive an invitation from the casino manager to, perhaps, a special event, or access to the VIP lounge. And so, it begins.

Big Deposits

Another sure-fire way to impress a casino is by making big deposits. This shows them that you are serious about what you are doing, and are also willing to take risks and spend a lot of money. All of which are hallmarks of a potential high roller.

Casinos also offer lines of credit to gamblers who appear to be able to cover their losses. This can be a great “gate-way” perk, leading to the greater benefits and perks afforded to high rollers by casinos.

Play The High Roller Games

Another fast track, at least in the right direction, is to regularly join and play the high roller games. Whether you win or not, getting in with the right crowd, in a sense, is half the work. The part easier said than done here is obviously winning enough to gain legitimacy.

Start At Smaller Casinos

Big casinos have tons of money, so inevitably take longer to notice high rollers. Smaller casinos, on the other hand, will notice, and value your business a lot quicker.

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