Glitziest Casinos In The World

We dream of walking along Hollywood boulevard. The flashes go off at incredible speeds and we are dressed to the nines. The Glitz of the rich and famous draws us in like a moth to a flame. But if Hollywood boulevard or Oscar night is aiming too high, there are casinos out there in the world that offer glitz and glamour beyond what we could imagine.

The Royalty Of Monaco  

Casino de Monte Carlo or The Monte Carlo Casino simply has to be our very first stop. Remember those old-fashioned movies where the rich go to hotels or parties and their coats gets taken by the door to reveal their most beautiful outfit? This is what you can expect at the Casino Monte Carlo.  Formal dress is required to enter the building and nothing short of splendid outfits straight from a movie will do.

Having existed for about 158 years, it is only natural that this architectural marvel has been featured in countless media prints, as well as many movies, including 3 James Bond movies. The architecture and interior design are over the top opulent. One would think that it was also designed by Louise the 14th, as it could almost give Versailles a run for its money.

The Grand South

At the most Southern point of Africa in a city affectionately called ‘The Mother City’, sits the Grand West Casino and Entertainment World.  It is by far not the biggest casino you have ever seen. But at a 1530 slot machine floor space the lights and the architecture of this glitzy casino draws you in and you cannot help but wonder the isles, gaped mouth.

The casino floor captures the essence of Cape Town’s maritime history. Rich colours and elegant lines welcome the millions of tourists that go there every year. The casino features spot prizes and giveaways galore. The venue features an arena that has been host to countless of international stars. The architecture embraces the multi-cultural heritage of Cape Town. If glitz with a welcoming feel is what you were looking for, this is the number one stop.

All Paths Lead To Rome

A trip in search of glitzy casinos, would not be complete without mentioning the well-known – and rightfully so – Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reigning in Vegas, for just about a half a century this over-the-top casino was designed to resemble the Roman Empire, you guessed it, when a Caesar still ruled over the lands, to which all roads led. And why shouldn’t it, when it even its roman style bath pools are authentic to the last mosaic.

Probably the most well-known casino in the world, Caesars Palace is one of the glitziest places you can ever travel to. This is the epitome of bright lights and other worldly casino experiences. With almost 170 000 square feet of gaming floor space, the design has been used by many other casinos. Imitation is after all the highest form of flattery. Hail Caesar!

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