Judge Dredd Slot Game Online Review

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Strap on your law-maker and utter the legendary words ‘I am the law!’ as one of the United Kingdoms most famous superheroes; Judge Dredd. Known for his brutal, no nonsense attitude that has him gunning down criminals like flies, there are few comic book characters that are so widely known. And, with comic book fame, of course comes the various inevitable spin-off productions. The second movie was well received, and the Judge Dredd slot game is also a surprisingly good adaptation of the man in the yellow helmet. Let’s have a look at this excellently created slot game in a bit more detail.

The moment you start the Judge Dredd slot game it’s obvious that a great deal of effort has gone into its creation. The artwork is easily worthy of a premium level comic book, and each play image even animates upon landing in a winning sequence. Dredd wields his truncheon menacingly, cruises on his motorbike with style, and even grips the handle of his law-maker with conviction; it’s all very convincing and impressive. For those unaware, the law-maker is Dredd’s gun, which is famed for taking voice commands and miraculously being able to change ammunition type as needed. So, the Judge Dredd slot game looks good, but how well does it actually play?

Game Play In Detail

The big selling point in the Judge Dredd slot game is the Super Bet system. It has been used in a few other mobile pokies for real money, but no others implement it with the style of the Judge Dredd game. Look to the right of the play area and you’ll see Dredd’s law-maker. Clicking or tapping the gun’s mode selection switch activates Super Bet, which is indicated by animated bullets flying into the gun.

Meanwhile, on the reels the centre two reels will have had wilds added to the reels. Tapping again will add wilds to the next two reels, and so on. Be aware, though, that although the added wilds significantly increase the chances of wins being achieved, the bet is also automatically raised. It’s an interesting system, and the animations make it a treat to use.

Judge Dredd slot gameplay


There are also a few bonus systems in the Judge Dredd slot game, all of which likewise make use of some cool animations. If matching the scatter symbol the player is granted 10 free spins. During the spins, however, there is a chance Dredd will step in and add extra wilds to the reels. It’s a real spectacle to behold.


The Judge Dredd slot game nails the atmosphere of the comics, and manages to be worthwhile game. It is a treat to play and is certainly worth a look for fans of the comic book. It may not do anything that hasn’t been seen before, but has clearly been put together by competent developers who knew what they were doing. Players should definitely aim for scatter symbol matches to really rake in the big cash, which also happens to be the best way to see some excellent animations. ‘I am the law!’

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