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moto gp race

The first Moto GP annual competition was first held in 1949 and is the oldest of all the World Championships.  Motorcycle Grands prix were first held after the 1900s in different countries, due to the outbreak of World War II many of these events could not be held and it was only after the war that an international series was created.  During the 1950s the Italians dominated the motorcycle industry while in the 1960s it was the Japanese who dominated.  It was in 2002 that this prestigious World Championship became known as the Moto GP.

Moto GP has become one of the most dangerous sports and the riders often reach speeds of more than 200 mph.  Moto GP has increased in popularity over the years and has a following of enthusiastic fans across the globe.

Types of Bets

Betting on Moto GP has also increased in popularity and sportsbetting sites will offer wagers on these events.  When planning to place a wager there are a few factors to consider first.  Sports books will include various markets and these include Championship which is considered as the most popular, bettors must look out for each-way odds as these are high in value.  A constructor is a wager on which team will have the most points of the season.  The fastest lap usually has good odds and this wager is for the rider who has the fastest time on a lap during the race.  Some sports books will also include a wager on riders beating one another.  There are also special markets which book makers offer and these are often fun and have good odds.

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Factors to Consider

Moto GP rules and regulations are subject to change and bettors should try to keep up to date with these as they can affect the outcome of a wager.  An example is at the end of 2015 the two-tiered system was done away with and replaced with an ERCU system.  This meant that all teams would be using the same electronics which meant the gap between the teams would close.  The owners of the Moto GP’s rights will be supplying the electronic system which should bring a new competitiveness into this sport.

Knowing who the top riders are and learning more about them as well as whom their rivals on the track are will impact the kind of bet made.  A good bet to place may be a match bet where bettors place a wager on which rider will perform better than another at the best mobile betting sites.  With this bet it is not necessary to bet on who the winner will be.  Bettors may consider betting on two riders and this will increase the odds.  Team strategy is another important factor to look at.  Things to consider here would be pit stop management, bike adjustments and weather condition strategies.  Sometimes one of the riders in the team may slow down to give the other a win.

Moto GP can be found on almost all sportsbetting sites and is an enjoyable sport for bettors.  Understanding all of the factors involved in this sport will enable bettors to make good betting decisions.

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