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Rugby, both Rugby League and Rugby Union, is both a professional and amateur game. Super Rugby is the main professional rugby competition in the Southern Hemisphere. Rugby Union is administered by World Rugby from Dublin, Ireland, and rugby is the national sport of various countries, including New Zealand. New Zealanders regard the game with a passionate intensity, and the All Blacks are the winners of the latest Rugby World Cup. The Hurricanes from New Zealand won the 2016 Super Rugby competition Final in Wellington with a comprehensive win over the Lions from South Africa.

The Super Rugby tournament started in 1996, when twelve teams from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia competed. In 2012 it was decided that the format of the competition would be changed and enlarged, to include teams from Argentina and Japan. The 2016 Super Rugby tournament comprised eighteen teams, including the two new franchises. This was also the year that the latest form of rugby, the Rugby Sevens, was also included in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. This event generated even more interest in the sport.

Different Conferences Established

The strongest teams, from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, have always played in separate conferences. Since the addition of the teams from Japan and Argentina, there are now four conferences. Australia and New Zealand teams play in the Australasian Group, while the two new teams are included in the two African Groups. The Final of the competition will be played in the home town of the team with the most points.

The Final of the 2016 Super Rugby tournament attracted a crowd attendance of 39,000, but millions more watched the television coverage. The Super Rugby competition is the only tournament in the world played across so many different time zones, which makes for some difficulties for the ardent online betting fans.

Expansion to include Argentina and Japan

The inclusion of teams from Japan and Argentina resulted in enormous television deals being made, and television audiences around the world have increased hugely during the last few editions of the competition. The format of this competition will encourage the inclusion of other new franchises as well, either by adding new conferences or adding new teams to the current conferences. A possibility of creating some off shore Super Rugby teams to supply places for surplus players from the Southern Hemisphere countries, in order to keep them away from the European clubs.

New Zealand Teams Most Successful

Super Rugby betting odds can vary from sports betting site to betting site. Betting on the result of Super Rugby matches has increased with the popularity of the competition. It is wise to check what the Super Rugby betting odds are before choosing a sports book to place your wagers. Top quality betting sites in New Zealand also offer a range of bonuses and promotions, as well as information on the form of current players and teams. The All Blacks from New Zealand has been the most successful team in the Super Rugby competitions, and has won the tournament fourteen times, more than any of the other countries. The Crusaders, the Super Rugby team from Christchurch in New Zealand has won seven times. The various teams from New Zealand carry the shortest Super Rugby betting odds, although some of the leading teams from South Africa also carry short Super Rugby betting odds. The teams with the longest Super Rugby betting odds are the Sunwolves from Japan, and the Kings from South Africa.


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