Take a Swing for Massive Golf Wins

The British open or Open Championship swings into action each year in July. The major is one of four golf championships played each year and interestingly, it is the only major outside of the United States.

The British Open affords golf enthusiasts and all sports wagering fans the opportunity to wager on numerous outcomes relating to the Gentlemen’s game.

The Wagering Strategy

Placing a wager on the British Open can be daunting, the odds and probability in alignment with the payouts are intimidating. Fortunately the formula is a basic concept of division.

100% divided by the chance gives you the odds. With this in mind, if a player has a 10% chance of winning the open the odds are 10.0.

Any sports wagering enlists odds and probability, as it is purely a game of chance. However personal strategy and knowledge can be rewarding in sports wagering.

Often bookies will list odds that are lower than the NZ betting odds you perceive. If this is the case these odds can make for more valuable wagers if your knowledge pays off.

Picking A Wager

With all the top golfers from around the globe gathering on the course in the pursuit of the white ball, the British Open lends itself to a variety of wagering options that can be accessed on golf betting apps.

Match Bets

Match Bets isolate golfers; you can now lay wagers on a group and predict individual golfers performance on certain holes within the entirety of the course. Match Bets also allow for interesting combinations as these afford virtual stack ups. This means golfers can now be chosen from various groups and paired up to counterparts in a showdown.

Tournament Winner

Pick a clear winner that you believe will sweep the trophy and wager on the best odds available.

Top Finishers

Place your wager on the top ten or twenty finishing players in order to spread your stake range and increase potential winnings.

Predict A Hole In One

Plain and simple, predict a player and even hole that will see the ultimate scratch in order to achieve lucrative rewards.

First Round Leader

Having a gut feel will pay off in this option. If you can successfully predict a first round leader the wager may have potential lucrative winnings. Many eager golfers dominate in the opening moments of the British Open, only to circum to the pressure of the tournament later on.

History Of The British Open

The British Open is one of four major golf tournaments. Heavy weight characters including The Masters Tournament, The U.S. Open and The PGA Championship comprise the other three. The British Open is special; it is the oldest and considered one of the most prestigious professional golfing championships.

Held annually the British Open is the only major taking place outside the United States, if you opt to lay wagers on the open take this into account as many players would have come from various tournaments or practice sessions held in the United states, which may give a home ground advantage to players from Britain and https://onlinebetting.nz/sports-betting/golf-betting/ bettors.

The Game Play

Players participating in the British Open endure seventy-two holes of golfing greatness, which is split into four rounds of eighteen holes.

Both rounds one and two comprise of a two-tee start from the first and tenth tees. The first two rounds are played out with all participants in groups of three. Thereafter a thirty-six-hole cut is made in which the top seventy and ties progress to the final two rounds of dramatic play. This is usually played out in groups of two.


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